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Security management is an important branch of management science. It is a kind of activity related to decision-making, planning, organization and control for realizing safety objectives. It mainly use...
Safety Specification

Security management is an important branch of management science. It is a kind of activity related to decision-making, planning, organization and control for realizing safety objectives. It mainly uses modern safety management principles, methods and means to analyze and study various unsafe Factors, from the technical, organizational and management to take effective measures to solve and eliminate all kinds of insecurity, to prevent accidents.

Safety management is an important part of enterprise production management, is a comprehensive system of science. Safety management of the object is the production of all people, things, the state of the environment management and control, security management is a dynamic management. Security management, mainly the organization and implementation of enterprise safety management planning, guidance, inspection and decision-making, at the same time, but also to ensure that production is in the best state of security. The contents of safety management at the construction site can be summarized as four aspects: safety organization and management, site and facility management, behavior control and safety technology management. The management and management of the people, objects and environment in production are carried out. control. In order to effectively control the state of production factors, the implementation of safety management process, we must correctly handle the five relationships, adhere to the six basic management principles.

Five relationships

 1. safety and danger coexist

Security and danger in the same thing movement is opposed to each other, interdependence exists. Because it is dangerous, only to carry out safety management to prevent danger. Safety and danger are not equal, coexist, calm together. As the movement of things changes, safety and danger are changing at all times, and the struggle for this shift is carried out. The state of things will be tilted towards the winner of the struggle. It can be seen that there is no absolute danger or danger in the movement of things.

To maintain the safety status of production, must take a variety of measures to prevent the main, risk factors are fully controllable.

Risk factors are objectively exist in the movement of things, naturally known, but also controllable.

 2. The unity of safety and production

Production is the foundation of the existence and development of human society. If the production of human, material, the environment is in a dangerous state, the production can not proceed smoothly. Therefore, safety is the objective requirement of production, naturally, when the production is completely stopped, safety will lose its meaning. On the purpose of production, the organization of safe production is the country, the people and the community is the most responsible.

Production with security, in order to sustained and stable development. Production activities in the endless stream of accidents, production is bound to become confused, or even paralyzed state. When the production and security conflicts, endanger the lives of workers or state property, the production activities to stop to rectify, eliminate the risk factors, the production situation will become better. "Safety first" formulation, not to put safety on the production; ignore the safety of nature is a mistake.

 3. The inclusion of safety and quality

In a broad sense, the quality of the quality of security work, security concepts also connotate the quality, interaction, mutual cause and effect. Safety first, quality first, two first is not contradictory. Safety first is from the perspective of the protection of production factors, and the quality of the first is concerned about the product from the point of view and stressed. Safety for quality service, quality requires safety assurance. Where the production process lost, should be caught out of control state.

 4. security and speed mutual security

The production of reckless, dry, in the luck of seeking fast, the lack of real and reliable, once the misfortune, not only no speed at all, but will delay the time. Speed should be safe to do security, security is speed. We should pursue safe acceleration, trying to avoid safe deceleration.

Safety is proportional to the speed. Blindly stressed the speed, set security in disregard of the practice is extremely harmful. When the speed and security conflict, the temporary slow down the speed, to ensure safety is the right approach.

 5. Both safety and efficiency

The implementation of safety technical measures will improve the working conditions, mobilize the enthusiasm of workers, rejuvenated labor and economic benefits, enough to make the original investment to be compensated. In this sense, safety and efficiency are exactly the same, and safety contributes to the growth of benefits.

In the safety management, investment should be appropriate, appropriate, careful planning, co-ordination arrangements. It is necessary to ensure safe production, but also economic and reasonable, but also to consider whatever they can. Simply to save money and ignore the safety of production, or simply pursue the blind high standards of funding, are not desirable.

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