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Congratulations to the motor won the "national high-tech enterprises" title

日期: 2017-08-02
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In 2016, shenzhen chengfang electric motor co., LTD passed the high and new technology enterprise recognition successfully with its professional research and development team, strong technical strength, continuous innovation ability and scientific enterprise management.The certificate was jointly issued by shenzhen science and technology commission, shenzhen finance bureau, shenzhen national taxation bureau and shenzhen local taxation bureau.

This poll, after rigorous assessment and approval process, through the enterprise declare, local first trial, expert review, strict procedures, such as national review, public recognition, the company finally approved as national high-tech enterprise, it marks the power with a professional r&d team, strong technical strength, continuous innovation, standardize enterprise management, in the high and new technology industry achievements by the national related department the affirmation and recognition.

"National high and new technology enterprise", also known as "national high-tech enterprise", according to the recognition of hi-tech enterprises management method "regulation, the national high and new technology enterprise refers to the high-tech fields of the national key support, continuous research and development and transformation of technical achievements, forming enterprise core independent intellectual property rights, and on this basis to carry out business activities, will be a major transformation of high-tech achievements into productive forces level of technology, belong to the leading domestic or international advanced enterprises.The title of "national high-tech enterprise" approved by the ministry of science and technology of the People's Republic of China is one of the highest honors of Chinese science and technology enterprises, the most authoritative affirmation of the scientific research strength of enterprises, and an important "golden name card" of enterprises in foreign exchanges.

Certificate of high and new technology enterprise, is to our scientific research ability and the overall technology level affirmation and recognition, but also to the company an incentive and spur innovation of scientific research and technical personnel, we will take this as an opportunity and the power, continue to adhere to the research and development for the market, the principle of science and technology services market, further to enhance investment in technology research and development, efforts to improve the ability of independent innovation, give full play to the advantages in the field of the motor industry.

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