Job Offers


More (monthly salary 4000-5000, long white classes, to provide accommodation)

Requirements: Age 18-45 years of age, a health certificate, subject to leadership arrangements.

Reserve cadres

       Requirements: male, under 35 years old, high school and above; more than one year production management experience is better.

1)  Development direction: a) production management; b) production engineering

2)Those who wish to develop from the above direction, without experience, skills, can come to apply.

Canteen chef


Requirements: male, there are food industry health certificate, there are two years of kitchen work experience, will fry big pot (two days a month to rest)

Worker fitter / makeup division

Requirements: 1. Can read the mold drawings, can use the general machining equipment for mold production and maintenance; 2 can be independent of the metal mold assembly, commissioning, metal stamping die production experience is preferred.

Quality management


Requirements: 1. High school or higher, can understand the plane drawings, will measure the instrument, work carefully; 2. Strong learning ability, excellent communication skills, have a good sense of teamwork; experience of.

Compensation and benefits

Provide staff canteen, staff quarters

Monthly daily necessities

Excellent staff gift

Statutory holidays according to state regulations

Communication subsidies, overtime subsidies and so on

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