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Basic conceptsa. EMC, EMI and EMSElectromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) means the compatibility of products that are in the same electromagnetic environment (electric field and magnetic field). It has 2 ...
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Magnetic circuitThis article tries to introduce PMDC motor’s magnetic circuit by the most acquainted concepts. It also tries to introduce some characteristics and parameters of the motors by means of ...
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Basic conceptsMotor is an energy conversion device that converts electric energy into mechanical energy or mechanical energy into electric energy, using magnetic field as media.PMDC motor is an energy...
Performance characteristic

Performance characteristic (Figure 9)
Working characteristicsn=f(T2) relationship between speed & torque.
I=f(T2) relationship between current & output power
η=f(T2) relationship between efficiency & torque 
P2=f(T2) relationship between output power & torque
(1)  I=f(T2)
I=TE/KT*Φ=(T0+T2)/KT*Φ=T0/KT*Φ+T2/KT*Φ=I0+[1/KT*Φ]*T2 (liner equation)
I0: no load current Φ: constant
At stall, n=0, E=0, according to Figure 6, current Ist=(U-2△U)/r
(2)  n=f(T2)
n=(V-2△U-I*r)/KE*Φ={U-2△U-[(I0+T2)/KT*Φ]*r}/KE*ΦWorking characteristics
 = n0-[r/KE*KT*Φ2]*T2(equation of lines)
(3)  P2=f(T2)
P2 is a second-degree parabola (Figure 10)

Working characteristics
(4)  η=f(T2)=P2/P1  η is a curve(Figure 11) 
(Equation iscomplicated thus is omitted here.)

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