2017 - 07 - 28
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Quality assurance exists in every process of Chengfang such as identification of customers’ requirement, product design, performance validation, fixture design, fixture validation, measurement system ...
2017 - 07 - 28
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Entrepreneurial spirit: the cause of endless, dream in front.Note: Hegel said: a nation has a group of people looking at the stars, they have hope. Enterprises are so, need to embrace the dream, chasi...
2017 - 07 - 28
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(The above picture was taken at Chengfang ELectric Machine Huanggang branch factory in Hubei province)         Shenzhen Chengfang Electric Machine is the professional PMDC mot...
Product Manufacturing

Excellent product is made to be excellent. Chengfang is aware of such quality philosophy. It has full motor manufacturing processes in house including tool fabrication. It introduces world famous tooling machines like Sodick, Kent and many advanced manufacturing equipment to lower the systematic deviation caused by equipment, tools and fixtures. We focus on training on operators’ operation skills and quality awareness. Every operator is able to process according to procedure and process requirement. We have the effective product tracing system. Each product is able to be traced back to its producing date, its operators and inspectors in each process. Whenever there is a quality issue, true and major reason of the issue is therefore easily to be detected. Corrective and preventative activities are therefore effectively carried out.

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