2017 - 07 - 28
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Quality assurance exists in every process of Chengfang such as identification of customers’ requirement, product design, performance validation, fixture design, fixture validation, measurement system ...
2017 - 07 - 28
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Entrepreneurial spirit: the cause of endless, dream in front.Note: Hegel said: a nation has a group of people looking at the stars, they have hope. Enterprises are so, need to embrace the dream, chasi...
2017 - 07 - 28
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(The above picture was taken at Chengfang ELectric Machine Huanggang branch factory in Hubei province)         Shenzhen Chengfang Electric Machine is the professional PMDC mot...
Product Design

Design is the key point of the whole quality assurance system. Defective design leads to raised manufacturing cost, increased systematic deviation in production and lowered process capability. Our engineers are able to identify and understand every single requirement from our customers correctly. Design technologies such as FMEA and VE are applied to choose the lowest cost design among the designs that meet the product performance, reliability and manufacturability. Our motor performance evaluation system ensures the products meet our customers’ requirement before they are delivered. 

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